Thursday, May 31, 2007

MikeFX coming to America

Hi you'all from FXHQ in New Zealand.

We've been researching, developing, building, testing, refining, styling...etc. down in the 'Adventure Islands of the South Pacific' (I just made that name up) for 5 years now, and loving it (most of the time).

Now the time has come to set up FX USA, and Mike is the lucky guy to be coming to Los Angeles to set up our first American office.

My mission is to 'find and sign' passionate pioneers to join the lightweight revolution. We're looking for

- Super Salespeople
- Marketing and Branding Gurus
- Finance and Investment Masters
- and most importantly, Core Enthusiasts to literally map the uncharted FX territory in the US.

As always, we're always keen to be contacted by candidates or other words email or call if you or anyone you know could add value to the revolution!

See you in the land of the free!

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