Friday, April 11, 2008

Auto-Clutch Revolution!

FX Bikes offers automatic clutch standard on its 4-speed 125cc Mountain Motos.

Shift gears with your left foot without needing to use a clutch, which frees up your left hand to control the rear more clumsy foot brake!

Auto-clutch is slowly breaking in to the enduro and motocross scenes with retrofit kits from Rekluse and others, although to handle all that wild power you need to spend $1000 or so for the kit, then fit it.

We've been talking with Rekluse about developing an autoclutch for our more powerful Daytona engines...will keep you posted.

Here's a quick piece on Rekluse from ThumperTalk...

Go Pro (Rekluse Pro that is)!
The Rekluse z-Start Pro Clutch continues to gain converts. Over the past year, riders such as Ty Davis, Destry Abbott, Rich Lafferty, John Dowd, Maria Forsberg, Nathan Woods, Eric Sorby, Bobby Prochnau, and many others have reaped the benefits of riding Rekluse:

- Virtually eliminates stalling
- Increases traction
- Increases control in technical sections
- Increases corner speed
- Reduces rider fatigue

Go Pro today and learn more at

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