Saturday, April 5, 2008

World's Lightest SPORTSCAR

Famed Formula One race-car designer Gordon Murray, best known for his sleek design of the McLaren F1, a rare, $1 million-plus supercar launched in the early 1990s, has reversed direction: He's now focusing on a compact, fuel-efficient urban vehicle for the masses that will sell for about $10,000.

Find out more at this article: The Evolution of a Master - BusinessWeek

And check out what Gordon did for sports cars (an inspiration for what FX is doing for dirt bikes) below...

Down to the Essence

Light Car Company Rocket

Murray designed this vehicle-at the time the world's lightest production car-as another side project. It weighed only 800 pounds and had a motorcycle engine with an attached 10-speed gearbox. Murray claims he didn't use any special materials in the design: His ideas were made possible using only truly essential elements in the car.

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